Update on me

I’ve been a little absent lately due to an ailing parent who passed away a few weeks ago. Needless to say, my writing progress suffered during this process but I’m back and working on the Deadly Games series book number 2. It’s good to be back.

Hello all followers

My name is Chris Lancer. My life’s story writer, Chaytor, has been very busy and has not touched base with you guys like she should have . So while I’m inbetween cases, I thought I’d take the opportunity to take up a little of her slack. And learn to blog while I’m at it! Chaytor did a great job in relaying my adventures in Portugal, no? And I think she’s going to do as well with the case in Italy. As you can tell, my cases are taking me to some pretty interesting places. I wish I could see more of the countries I’ve been in, but alas, work is work. The exception was Portugal where I had my private home away from home, and those of you who’ve read Checkmate know what happened with that. I love that country and its people and plan to rebuild someday. But until I’m ready to settle down somewhere, it may be a while. My relationship with Jack is an interesting one. Can’t really tell you where that’s going at the moment. Not sure myself. A work/private relationship is always a hard one to deal with. Ha! Listen to me. Getting a little philosophical. Who knew! Gotta run now. This was fun. I’ll check back in later. If anyone has any comments or questions. Shoot. With words. Not with a gun! That’s my job.


I hurt my back exactly one week ago and spent the evenings on the floor with a heating pad. It worked itself out by Thursday. Yea! Well, I bent over this morning and, oops! Can you guess where I am again! Tablets are good for little bits of writing but hard for working on book 2!

Where is Chris off to next?

Chris is now a free-lance contractor and has put together a superior team of investigators. Yes, Jack and Peyton are key figures on that team along with others from the Portugal case plus a couple of new faces. They are currently in Italy investigating a money laundering ring. Stay tuned to see what they are up to.

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